Friday, December 3, 2010

up day teh

one a scale of 1 to death: i'm still breathing. you decide.

my body stopped working yesterday about lunchtime. i came home and been asleep ever since. almost two days of it now. groggy and stumbly and i got a bunch of texts at some point with people complaining that i hung up on them but i don't remember any of that. it was raining at some point. i remember fantasizing about crawling out of my bed and on hands and knees crawling outside taking my clothes off on the way and digging a hole back into oblivion. i remember next waking up and it was dark. darker than i remember. it always confuses me when i fall asleep in the afternoon and wake up in the dark.

i've half-finished writing the case for the lawfulness of the 'war on terror'. sometime next week i will have to write the counter argument. then i'll sleep again.

GF: where were you?
Q: you know. doing... stuff.
GF: you can't do that. you can't disappear for days and not return calls or emails or anything.
Q: i told you i was checking out for a little bit
GF: checking out is fine, but you can't disappear.
Q: but you knew i what i was doing, i told you i was going to do it
GF: yes, fine, or a day or two or three i haven't heard from you in like a week. that's a long time.

i'm too tired to write more.
i'm going to go fall asleep again.