Saturday, May 10, 2008

List: Things to Tell My Unborn Babies

a draft of some highlights, in no particular order

  1. Think of all the things that did (and didn't) have to happen, in one specific order, and with one particular outcome for you to be here. that is the miracle.

  2. The color of your eyes is certainly my favorite color of all (after your mother's)

  3. Don't be intimidated by silence. Most of the crucially important things you're going to learn show themselves in silence.

  4. When confused: There was a Prince of Denmark named Hamlet who was also confused. He was also scared of ghosts. After four-hours, one suicide, several homicides, much iambic pentameter and some soliloquizing, a grand duel ending in a stale-mate; he worked it out. that's life kiddo!, you'll work it out.

  5. Listen to the dreams and stories of children and the elderly without qualification. The rest you're going to have to learn to filter.

  6. Be patient with your mother; I married the most amazing woman ever, if she gives you a tip, bank big.

  7. Question everything. If you find the answer is God, then you're logic is sound. If you find anything else, try again till you get it right.

  8. Bach and Socrates were most likely prophets. If you proceed as though this true, you'll be ahead in life's wisdoms.

  9. If you're sad: Start with prayers and some Mozart.

  10. When seeing a homeless person: You are 3 bad decisions and/or 4 unlucky weeks from him.her. Treat them with the dignity they deserve.

  11. When you have a chance to learn something, seize it!, you may never encounter exocytosis, terminal velocity, or Plutarch ever again (but I hope you do)

  12. Don't be a sour-puss. Don't be a buffoon. Most things in the middle are acceptable.

  13. If you're like your father, you play your adagio's too slowly. Don't listen to them! Enjoy each note!

  14. If boy: it's ok to enjoy flowers. Learn their names, and as a passtime, try your best to describe their colors.

    If girl: it's ok to expect men to buy you flowers. Demand it. (if they still don't, tell me)

  15. Don't expect too many miracles. Don't plan for too many tragedies.

  16. If you have a book with you, you are not alone.

  17. If girl: you are beautiful. (don't listen to pictures on papers and screens that can't speak to you- hey, look at me, seriously, listen to what I'm saying: you are)

  18. You are usually not qualified to judge anything. If you don't like Debussy (for example), work out why everyone else does. When you can spot, appreciate, and understand why, if you still don't take to him, that's ok. (but try the string-quartet, it's a good place to start)

  19. It's a big world: go outside!

  20. "Your choices are half chance, so are everybody else's" (stay modest)

  21. If boy: put the toilet seat down. It doesn't make any real difference to you, and it takes no time.

  22. If people need to talk, just listen (do the rest with your eyes and heart)

  23. Don't be afraid to hug people when you get older

  24. To boy & girl: Don't be afraid to be the first to hold their hand

  25. Don't be too sensitive. Try and avoid overly sensitive people. It's rarely worth the trouble.

  26. Play chess with me more often. I'm an old-man and it makes me very happy


golriz said...

this should be your CV. scrap the other one.

Ghetto Blaster said...

okay- this isnt fair. why did you make a list that i cant even comment on? well, yes, im "commenting" right now, but as i went from #1 to 2, 2 to 3 and so on, i had at least 2 things to smile and sigh about each one!

i tried to find the top 3? to throw into this blabbing of mine, but i would feel a horrible awareness of neglect for the rest (which, i wouldnt be able live with myself) therefore i will just say: this list is absolutely wonderful.

what i also adore is your sincerity, you sir, are a different breed.

amy said...

thanks to golriz for sending me here. this is wonderful. thank you...