Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Vitonelli

we find out how electric we really are Originally uploaded by david death

i like that the bumper of your car is held in place with masking tape.
our windows are half down, the wind is perfect.
__we pass filthy burger joints, chic bars with the always too beautiful LA women draped in the line outside for decor.
__two young Mexican men hose stains off the ground at a gas station. they look tired.
the car slides through another green light. __what? yeah, totally. __no way dude, i'm with you.
i don't look at my watch. __i don't think about the date.
__we pass neon lights. a homeless woman that goes into Starbucks everyday between 9-10am sits at a busstop and stares away. __a BMW pulls up next to us at. they look in, we are not impressive to them. they giggle, oh my godd, yes! their world drives on past us.


"what is it with you? your silly pants, and you never shave and you never work, not even that, but nothing works for you, why doesn't anything work for you? And what the hell is it with this stupid music you listen to?, I'd wanna shoot myself too if this is what I listened to all the time- and those stupid neon sunglasses, take them off. __why do you always want to be different?, where do you get this stupid artsy-fartsyness? It's not cool. Stop thinking you're cool. You look ridiculous. You are ridiculous. You're life is ridiculous. You really are a waste of space. Go do something with yourself- why aren't you doing anything? Are you listening to me?"
"perhaps if you did, you wouldn't find yourself in these predicaments."
"do you have anything you want to say?"
"well?, out with it."
"what, you're too coooool to say what's on your mind?, is that it? Your pants to tight to speak?"
"i hope the next time you're really stressed you die of a heart-attack. i hate your guts: FU&* YOU."


which vintage store? no, i haven't tried that one yet, it's good? __past a firehydrant, a man walking a dog,
the signal lights up half the street,
we turn right, carry on __(no one speaks now.
______________________there's too much to think about sometimes.
the lights of a diner, another gas-station, a car full of trash- the driver barely fits inside,
a billboard, a car dealership- they shine in the dark

i get out.
turn around before i close the door
we need to see more of you.
when are you leaving again, it's soon right?
[shakes head. doesn't wanna answer]
fair enough


"hey back there. you're quiet. how are you feeling?"
"seriously, how are you doing?"
"if you could change anything about your life, what would you change?" (laughs)
"i'd shoot myself in the head, here (gestures to forehead) long ago."
"poor baby. you hear that? (other person giggles) No one's had it as hard as you."
"so what are you going to do?"
"whatever comes next."
"this is what we do."
"what? what do you do?"
"what's next."
"i don't get it."
"(shakes head) then stop trying"

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