Friday, July 18, 2008

let's go

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things to leave behind____________________things to take

__-the one-eyed stare of the LA sky_____________-Emily Dickinson, poems
__-i once lost my soul by the pool..._____________-two full notebooks
__-sleeping on the ground__________________ _-an occasionally sore back
__-the ugliest leather shoes in the world________ _-black Ferragamo half-boots
__-dreams_____________________ _______ __-being one step closer to dreamlessness
__-hopelessness___________________________-a new(er) macbook
__-the anguish of two hours spent on the 405_____ _-a busted ankle
__-pinkberry_____________________________-12 new pairs of black H&M hipster undies
__-the Olympic Peninsula____________________-a completed long short-story.archive.history
__-monz, mar, ashtree______________________-monz, mar, ashtree
__-the future___________________ ________ _-ano(the)r future
__-nearly 500 flashcards___________________ _-knowing the definition of auspicious
_________________________________ __ _ _(and mumbling it to myself)
__-watching sytycd with you__________________-loving dance
__-the last embers of .-the two dreams i(you) gave you(me)
____please.marriage.endlessness.neverness.fear numbers.
____please?. i had for you.
__-my grandfather's body____________________-a new picture in my prayer book
_______________________________________(tucked under the heading: for the departed)
__-too much noise_________________________-a familiar, mild sadness
__-time_______________________________ _-more time
__-pike place chowder______________________-David Malouf, collected poems
__- just put my arms around you (what?)_______ _-empty handed
_ _and hope that i will do no wrong
__-me__Me__me__Me__me ____ ___________.._-__me?
__-Strunk, the Elements of Style___________ __ _-a full head of hair
__-everything i hadn't dared to hope for________ _-two poems martha wrote for me
__-12 empty bottles of water on my bedroom floor _ .-the card my sister gave me yesterday:

_______________________________________Dear Q Jaan,
_______________________________________I want to thankyou so much for
_______________________________________coming to America to help me
_______________________________________follow my dreams It means so
_______________________________________much to me and I know nobody
_______________________________________in the world would do that for me
_______________________________________let alone anybody else
_______________________________________If you didn't come and help me
_______________________________________and mummy, mummy wouldn't
_______________________________________be able to come alone and help
_______________________________________me to follow my dreams
_______________________________________So I want to thankyou and I hope
_______________________________________your dreams come true I know
_______________________________________that you deserve It
_______________________________________I wish you could have stayed with
_______________________________________me in the USA but I am sure
_______________________________________I'll see you again
_______________________________________Love you so much
_______________________________________from your sister


golriz said...

can you do me a favor and pick up your very late birthday gift from E before you leave. or have him bury it. :)

Ghetto Blaster said...

gonna miss you.

Anonymous said...

in the world of finite everythings… you are eternal.
you are the best friend every soul craves…
and the person i want to be a best friend to.

there are no strings attached to your kite…
when you touch the sun, let us mere mortals know what that glory feels like.


Laila said...

Where are you going?

a penny for the old guy said...

(i'll explain it all soon.
when i'm ready)