Tuesday, September 9, 2008

14 Ways to Connect Hearts (a selection)

Cease motion
Trespass with me beyond the limits of movement
The gears stop
us, in our own bodies, suspended:
my eye drinks you
(and beauty, as a cloud, drifts and flies above a world of stillness)

We hug,
____and my nose is half in your ear
____and your hair and scent is everywhere
____and we’re tied to each other like scarves around necks.
____And for a moment i can’t breathe with my own heart…
________and so use yours.

death separates bodies,
we hold hands and wait (to see).
you give me a prayer-book
“this way we can hold hands… after

night comes and scatters
car headlights

____“you have to go?”
____“come back soon.”

Autumn; red and blue:
with its fresh air,
pulsed footsteps:
____cut in half,
____half for each:

____starts for one,
____ends for the other.

the straightest line,
still just a miniscule fragment
of a larger circle.
all trajectories bend-
one into the other.



Anonymous said...

love this ...

alexandra said...

this is really beautiful...

Ashley said...

where are the missing numbers?
i want mooore :)

Ghetto Blaster said...

above comment was me, just in case you know another ashley. which is probably not the case. and if it were the case, id make you shun her from your life :)

kidding... kind of.