Monday, October 27, 2008

and but what? (notapoem)

via bigfun

yes, there's that too,
characterizing my voice as winter,
not a single note can be reduced to a blossom,
but crack and sneeze and huddle together like cold lovers
walking down peaceful promenades.

____to constantly
____what i , the point of , saying is :
____of course there's a point to (at which) which
____sensing finally dream from stone , (man alive, what gentle slip is the sun in these afternoons)
____which is diffracting at angles that makes souls (

who is the spark of us?
or what, or where or how can you unlock me from the outside?

____of course there's no point to
____besides the obvious one
____(who's gonna save us? or at least me... who's gonna save me?)

drip gentle somenothing, unravel and decline gently into goodnights
it's not that i wish you were here with me, but that i was there with you,
or just there , and you too just there , and symbiotic -
growing together like

____it is impossible to say what i mean.
____and what mute life is this that i should be soo bound
____unable to describe even its dry hair?
____what am i saying other than i don't smoke, i don't,
____i don't ____(know no no know)

palindromes derived from all sorts of
shantih shantih shantih

____(where there is no peace or transcendence)

(where there is no piece but of transcendence)

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Anonymous said...

you should grow a beard, and i should take up smoking...