Wednesday, October 22, 2008

nocturne , lovesong , notapoem

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this dandelion project (blow, wish, and dream sweet aziz),
even in the evening the children believe it, blown and then gone, lost to sight, immediately into the night's night

sshh my dear: in the dark hands find their way best -
___night is an astrology hands navigate alone: slivers under doors (stars) ,
______minor hushes , naked shoulder blades ;
_________breathe my air, i have left little gifts there for you
____________(murmurs my heart spoke
_______________i broke in two
__________________and hid there for you.)

(and if i could, for you, a satin ribbon around this entire night, all evening its own wrapping, squared as a box but still soft around the edges - drifting from eyesight to magic (lines that form these edges grow gentle roots and hold on to shadows like baby's hands to mother's blouse) ______who then? , ___and when , ___and mostly:

my own body schemes a way outside itself,
the inside of my lower lip knows how to find you, it says to me: i live in the dark all day - an occasionally hum or a chew a moment of respite - in this shifting ruse, i can find her

the dandelion's needle-petals slide under closed-doors. in between clasped fingers. beside cold bedside glass. ___lost in windrows of blankets, dreamtime vertebrae lie, waiting for still-awake hands in gentle night to find. ___(the white curve of your back the moon)

have so (are) many of us lost?, oceans or train-tracks behind night's slow gait,
(and still the feel of women's hair is with me in my fingertips.
______being nibbled at all night long-

That thou consum'st thy self in single life?

(or at least, William, just in a single night)

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Anonymous said...

love is too little a word.