Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nocturne (final thoughts about Wednesday)

in the dim light the veins of my hand
make more sense. 

a few lights: streetlight outside, mobile phone charging, 
mark the course of my soon-dreams like airport lights or

slow slow lighthouses. 
(be gentle dreams, be

i rub my hands across pillow faces
hoping to find even one long herhair to touch. 

not tonight. 
are there rainbows at night? (i wonder)

i think how, for every woman's name
there's a man somewhere in love with one. 

( losing , lose , lost . )

night is a simple shape anyway. 
cuboid. eclipse. schizoid. 

three paces from my bed in any direction: 
shadow... rainbows i haven't eyes to see. 

it rains silently in one corner, 
in another a cat i don't own purrs, 

blinds and blankets and private lawns: 
the nocturnal kingdoms have a hierarchy of their own:

he who breathes hardest, 
loses fastest. 

you win some, 
you lose most. 

1 comment:

Monday's Child said...

I haven't forgotten you. at least once a day I write a few sentences in the letter I am composing. composing. interesting verb. in reply to yours. but then I erase most of them. so you can see how it's slow going. I'll get there in the end.

thank you for my birthday wishes. V.