Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Sunday Smile, a waltz, by Beirut___(more variation-experiments)

a sunday smile
the farther i get from__ (escape from)
the end of the lap ___ _(escape towards)
starting.end point(s) , convergence(s)

what's to say for the days i cannot bare?,
unclothe, unsheathe, unwrap (hand and foot), undress,
unmisunderstand, unconsider, undistinguish from:
the days i cannot bear.

a sunday smile,
in israel a saturday one,
in los angeles with yogurt,
in seattle every one a walk,

____also, trees that are pink remind me
____(and who were
____is dismantled into constituent antarcticas)

a sunday smile,
in the present
with a breeze, a calm forgetfulness,
a nowhereness
a how the whereness
a howness

__a sunday smile:
__a fishing hook,
__the center of gravity,
__the heart of the shadow beating in gradations of gentle somber nothingness,
__a transparent entity, __(and memory its transparent anatomy)
__a blinding disparity, __(by any other name is still love)
__the join of the fold turned twice upon itself notices a slice of remembrance and acknowledging the infinity of that one moment (the sunday smile) concedes to itself the future is locked away in a dark spot no one can find inside a cadaver,__ (we've horded soo long, we take with us)
__the magnet of lips,
__the sound of bare arms in bare gardens in bare youth,
__the light brown hair of white white backs,
__the silence of,
__inevitable failure of,
__geological certainty of,
__the always here again morning reminds us what didn't wake up,
__the fan turns above my head and reminds me of death,
__a sunday smile:
__a fossil (of),
__death rite, missing dream, future rides away no horseman there to guide it,
__unmanaged cough (the anticlimax),
__the sharp steel of cuts through,
__your shoulders and, your wrists, your thighs and ankles and,

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Anonymous said...

“first comes delusion, the comes the paranoia”
this is what he tells me.