Friday, November 14, 2008


I would believe only in a God who could dance

- what's so sad about it?
- hope?
- yeah, what's so sad about it?
- distance.
- it's soo far. soo softly spoken. have you ever thought about it?, just how lonely hope is. how distant and eerie in any light, and barely... just out-there somewhere, living inside certain preconditions that may or may not eventuate.
- what could be further away than hope?
- i , don't __know.
- exactly. what's further away than not knowing, but wanting?


those who know me, know i can only write about three things: love, history, and gravity (fate/why-the way things happen). i've already witten the love-novella. perhaps it's time to write the history one... a story about our connectedness to the past. that too-tight union, and the borders of it, how far can we escape it before it catches up to us? there is only one title it could have at this point:

______but and therefore or also is so since,__ until

i can see everyone thinking: oh god.
sooner or later, perhaps the rest of it will start to make itself known onto me.


- and it drifts off into the future the way memories linger in the past, not quite there, just... a thing in your head, images and thoughts and all these virtual-senses
- but why sad?
- because it's distance, and there's nothing sadder than distance.


anjali said...
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Sholeh said...

"because it's distance, and there's nothing sadder than distance."

so true.