Saturday, February 28, 2009

short stories

Voodooman, chicken bone chicken bone
I can make a thunderstorm from a light rain
my ears start ringing
my nose gets bloody
I feel a little bit of pressure on my right brain
intermission, transmission, put me in submission
listening, trapped in the light prison whistling
the Christ told me come closer to the light man
I went blind woke up in front of a mike stand.

_____Jay Electronica

NYC_7 by Alex Lukas, courtesy my love for you is a stampede of horses

____i. (shooting star manifesto)

another one.
yeah i saw that one too.
[it's too dark to see the ocean, mostly just lines of white as the waves crest, then they morph into only sound and a blackness takes their place and another white soon follows like lines of teeth smiles coming and going it makes me paranoid because nothing will smile at me longer than a few seconds, i look back up to the sky]
oh there! did you see?
no, i'm looking the other way
i know, i can feel your chin pivot on my head.
______deal with it.
i am. obviously.
[silence. inhale broadly. she lifts her head worried
___i actually heard your ribs crack!
___it's nothing. my inside-stuff is all funny noisy
[puts her head back down. more silence
poor boy [as she rubs an uncertain hand against my chest.
[someone moves, we're almost face to face, she darts her lips away]
calm down. i'm not gonna kiss you.
i know! stop saying it.
stop acting all freaked out.
you wanna go?, we can go.
no. not yet.

____ii. (morning song ritual rain dance)

chicken bone with a bowl and a light tap (three right one after two after other makes
bump bump bump clouds swell like deep white soo white it's moonlight
can't stare up looks like a new sun,
tap again hum along boom boom boom bum
cloud darken a deeper voice groans in the sky (now a light rain)
yess yess yess mistah mistah you know no summer like the drizzle i'm about to sizzle to nothing pain
(but i do know that)
shake fingers over bowl, barely visible blurrs of motion, electrons electrons electrons everything electrons
three taps side of bowl (three ready set go go go)
a deep pain like someone slashing at a piece of fabric
the sky is ripped, the cloud burst, the heart stopped, the warmest skins roasting themselves
like hot hot hot lobsters in pots suddenly look up up up
and shizoid phrenics dance wet in the street and epiliptic hound-dogs freak and
don't play scary games you might lose at little man, so wet it's loud
it's a darker night if you come home from that spell that spell has no cure but darkness
all the light of it all i put into this cloud, kissed over to shadows and then vanish from my sight
like a water balloon on this empty hollow shallow nearly narrow city's head
you won't live another month quite like this one
and you won't know a scarecrow from the cockroach when its over
now i'll diminish your stature till you're little little little
as the bone of this chick wing in this black bowl filled with rain's kissed water.
dddhhhhiiiiee. (die die die)

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