Sunday, April 19, 2009

very short stories

For the light I stepped in put out the stars, assuming they were there, which I doubted, remembering the clouds.

__The Calmative, Samuel Beckett

the crippled clown, Anthony Pontius
courtesy of my love for you is a stampede of horses

____i. (physics for beginners)
the piano attracts dust to itself. no matter what i do. absorbs light, the room has been darker ever since it's been in here. blankets, pillows, armfulls of paper, everything i drop lands at its feet, attracted to it by minute readjustments of gravity. the piano is a black-hole. a pit of intention. of shouldcouldwould-have-beens. my hands feel older looking at it. like scarecrows. if i open the lid i see slowly yellowing teeth. large teeth. when i depress keys i remember entire yesterdays. full. unhindered. they overcome me, my own younghood. all the things i never learned to do. (and all the things i've forgotten.

____ii. (gothic horror story)
i am a strand of protein. by chance i am whiter than the others. this is lucky. those others are much too dark for my taste. i am the one that gives this chin a touch of maturity- those blackest hairs, what good are they? they just make him look scruffy and unkempt and a little terrifying to be quite frankly about it. i am the wisdom of age. the symbol of stress-surpassed. my goal is to proliferate. to expand in stature, and to recruit albino cousins to join my cause. it has been five days already. we rarely make it past six or seven. somewhere there. if he starts scratching anymore we're through. then we start again. we are mushrooms, we will inherit the face. when he is dead, and buried, and there is no chance of further interferences, we will smile without cessation, and silently gnaw our way out. his box will be nothing but our tangled mass. we will digest skin and cartiledge. we will sneak through the gaps in the box. we will reach the moonlight. while you sleep- we are dreamtime's children. we are midnight's spring.

____iii. (liebestraum)
she stares at me from across the table. ____delicious. ____something vanilla. ____i reach out my hand, push some hairs out her face. ____(and decide.) ____i want to drink you.

after twenty minutes i can't tell anymore. my panting is out of beat with my steps. running is its own thing. i'm curled up in a corner of my head, subsiting on whatever oxygen can be rationed to me. pant-step, pant stepant, step-pant. a real mess. the street goes in a circle. i don't remember my place anymore, i just go around and around (the fat kid on the carousel staring at his parents the whole time. (never was fun anyway)). the moon comes and goes. he just picks-up clouds and retreats to darker corners to tongue-kiss them. i'm a little jealous. let's be real, everyone can do with more kissing. step step paaantstep pastep nt. i've seen this house before. the air's a little misty so the lights diffuse in largish halos. large balls of toxic yellow. the moon comes back with a big grin on his face. his third blow-job tonight. f*ck you as i look up (i hate showoffs). i pass a few darkened houses and am lost in shadow. invisible to anyeveryone.

____v. (memory)
q! come here now.
_i wish.
seriously! i want 2 marry u right_now. y won't you marry me already!
_ha. patience dear. go pick ur table arrangements & keep urself busy.
ur not funny. don think ur.
_cu sooooon!

____vi. (notapoem)
now now. stale but neccessary.
inhalation is always more effort
__(than the other... part).
Time waits on the edge of next week.
she plays with her hair and kicks her legs up as she sits on the step.
yes yes dear. i see you. soon soon.

____vii. (rout)
- so you got a girlfriend?
- no no.
- why not? you always have a girlfriend.
- i know. but not this time.
- why not?
- i don't wanna stay here. i'm paranoid i'm going to meet someone great and have to stay here.
- where do you wanna- i mean, where would you rather be?
- ha. you know the drill man. anywhere is fine.
- you are anywhere.
- clearly i mean anywhere else. you know the drill, next next next. doesn't matter where, only thing matters is next.
- you still running?
- no.
- liar- what from?
- ...
- ...
- [shrug]
- liar.

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