Saturday, April 25, 2009

incidental music

the fourteen flowers of the apocalypse are soo yellow in spring,
and memory is just that.
_______(but the thing i am here to say isn't about that,
_______it's about the beach on Saturday. - the movies when i finally get a chance to go,
_______those things i'd eventually like to know,

and time on my hands like some water i wash my face with,
_______delicious, deep,
what could be more meaningful than time?, is what i'm here to say
deeper and more colourful than all the black shapes you see when you close your eyes,
_______driving with the windows down, too fast,
_______and running too fast so i could see my abdomen keeping my beat
_______and feet sinking just a little bit into sand reminds me of where i'm headed
(one way or another) (what could be more un/abundant than time?

the sunflower burnt bright on saturday. burns bright today, the sunday.
and i'm short of days left to burn.


capone said...

peaceful memories... sunny days. we both had a good saturday. finally.

a penny for the old guy said...