Saturday, May 30, 2009

5 mikrokosmos

1. (didactic)

welcome to the now.
it's a little aggressive,
you might feel bumped.
pace can be altered,
but someone else controls the knob.
sit back, but don't relax,
best to stay tense.
clench your teeth.

[removed by author, two days after writing, because it was rubbish]

____3. (nocturne)
perfectly gradated shadows are rare
a slowly dissolving gravity
i grasp at tonight's knees,
this dark curtain's all that's left of my saturday,
slowly edging into someotherness.

what fear.
hug me once?, let's fall together.

____4. (dreamscape - Tuesday)
the blue bag from all my travels is missing again.

i sleep in a studio with two beds on opposite sides.
i alone. but in the other two ladies kiss and wear matching red lingerie.
they stop and look at me. then continue. i feel rejected.

my hair is mangled and i have black eyes. i notice this eventually.

i walk around a city that looks like London. Vienna. Prague.
the light is milk. seashell. sunken angel.

in a large home i look for my bag. refuse to play a grand piano in the auditorium:
and walk again. ___wake again and watch women kissing.
everyday i stop by the airport and ask to go home.
they ask me: where? but i cannot answer them.

oh my god.
it's 2007(08).
i awake covered in sweat and in a mood i won't recover from for days.

time is a number that can only increase.
space on the other hand...
can go either way.
fall by the waist / grow tumorous.
you can win or lose.
most often without knowing which.
good luck.

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