Tuesday, May 19, 2009

notapoem / solo conversation (for mona)

____next time.

it's just the wind. night walking around. kicking rocks.
when did you last eat a blueberry?, me neither. been too long,
in too many ways- been too long.

yes yes. the piano. it fills the whole room with noise,
i can block out just about everything if i play loud enough.
__(but fingers can lie too.
__and they crawl back outta their hiding places when i close the lid, )

all the time. all the time. anyone that will indulge a moment i hug.
i hold them too tight, try to absorb them. don't stop till i can feel
their heartbeat inside me
__(but heartbeats can lie too)
and a moment later i'm back to listening to my own little earthquakes.

midnight goodbyes and midmorning omelets, very interesting. how stark these shadows:
distance can grow. is itself a thing.
memory is the farthest distance, did you know? memory is a distance you cannot recover.
immeasurable. irreconcilable.
the very edge of the sky. the border of heaven. maybe there somewhere.

yes yes, i did sleep the whole way there. what a riot. speeding tickets and all.
how fast we ran to get to the end,
__(but airline tickets can lie too:

______i'm sure it didn't say one-way.)


(much love)

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