Friday, June 12, 2009

6 romances (mikrokosmos)

The Manhattan Project, mikecole

the conversation carried itself.
maneuvered not around, but through the silences;
delighting in them, __eyestares growing to fill them.

fatigue is erotic. all irresistible urges are.
that feeling like falling massive distances in short times.
your body swooning into another form.
sssshhhhh, baby.

____3. (nocturne)
the music is on.
behind the closed door a television too.
outside it rains. or not. maybe it's just wind.
a car's headlights knifing the night.
it is soo quiet.

____4. (rewrite)
a good morning. good coffee. the windows down the right amount,
just enough air. a few green lights. parking nearby. pens don't leak here.
dreams stay confined to their realm: only your breaths and your insomniac hands
and your touchyfeely hair my face is buried in know where. here shadows don't creak.

____5. (short-circuit)
my brain's window is open.
nonstop gust of air.
i can't hear a thing.
can't open eyes.

having no one to whisper to
is murder.

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