Monday, December 28, 2009

some nonesense

untitled, casimm

but i am soo tired. it is soo late, it doesn't matter what the time is, it is always soo late and too much evening. it is unbearable to always be awake when it is late and when i am soo tired she says; __and then looks away.
__(a track passes in the street, outside somewhere)
he checks his watch. it is 2:52am. at least we have just ourselves and all this massive blanket of quiet is ours and this colour of everything is ours. it is just us two in all this kingdom infinitude. just us. she thinks this over now, her brain chewing it slowly. taking discrete words and mushing them up into hazy meaningless jumble. my god your eyes are barely open she says and he smiles though with his eyes closed. you can't even open them. he shakes his head slowly, still with a far-off smile. and grows more distant. __and then sleeps.


this her breath, this one last here, as she is somewhere else away asleep adrift on a beach somewhere where her sugar-bum can meet the sun and grow tanner under its drunkening heat, and this her breath, or summer's own speaking soo loudly, and me, hiding out in a room, dark with the curtains all drawn, staring in closets at sweaters and scarves reliving the good-ol'-days of winter and fall with them laughing at our stories of rain hail crisp nighttime like three commiserates drinking from the same whiskey flask i mean nostalgia like though as winter were some long-lost friend or girlfriend's postcard found by mistake in a suitcase zip compartment damn, i thought i lost you, but she being she, lost in her own youthfulness and blue eyes open to blue skies and whoever's staring at her sitting on the beach looking at her face will think two holes there are, see the ocean right through swear i do swear i do see see, lookee there see it too? and she, with her freckles exacerbated smiles and nods yes yes, right through, it is the ocean these are swirls that were his eyes.
__she must look exceptionally beautiful, distance always makes you more beautiful.


the one night i intent to write to my heart's content i am soo exhausted i have failed at all else especially this one night writing being human all of it together parts of thing.

epic fail Q.

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