Tuesday, July 20, 2010


it has recently come to my attention that one of my posts is... uhm, kinda doing the tumblr circuit. and getting posted and reposted and stuff. i feel rather honoured. so. if you're one of the peeps who read it and liked it and thought it worthy of repetition, then i am happy that it made that little 'click' noise for you inside your heart/brain/interpret-the-world-unit.

the only true subversives are the people who do the right thing. rockers aren't subversive. they're cool. hipsters aren't anti-establishment, they're dudes with daddy's credit card who stopped by american apparel and paid wayy too much for a tshirt made to look like they forked out the the $3 they had left after paying rent and buying a bottle of scotch from an op-shop/thrift store.

i know a subversive. he wears white socks with sandals and doesn't givva. he gets good grades cause he wants to and the urban-outfitter catalogue-look-a-likes stare at him walk past while striking poses smoking cigarettes and think he's a douche. there's nothing subversive or alternative about dressing like everyone dresses. or doing what everybody else does.

i know a dude who didn't leave the house for a month because he was playing WOW. he's tucked his shirt into his pants since he was 8 years old and doesn't drink because his God tells him not to. he's not actually aware that there is such a thing as 'cool' or 'popularity' and he calls everyone he's ever met his friend because he has no reason to think they're not friends. this dude is not only a subversive, i damn well think he's my role model.

about a month ago i made a pact with myself. here's how the unilateral agreement works:
Q, you're not allowed to forget anything you've read. ever. everever.

that's all there is to it. i just didn't have time to re-read. so, it had to be that if i read it, it had to stay in. wanna know something funny? it kinda works. watch:
Wilkinson v Downton was decided in 1897
the minority judges in Al-Ketab v The Commonwealth were Gleeson CJ, Gummow and Kirby JJ
i have to take my car in for service tomorrow
jus terii is an argument whereby a third party tries to defend their possession of an item by showing that someone (other than the plaintiff) has a more legitimate title to the goods.

i feel like writing.
but do not feel creative.

- he's having trouble getting a job.
- we're all gonna have trouble.
- no, i'm gonna have trouble, you're gonna be fine.
- no dude. it's the end of the world, we're all screwed. we'll all be working at McDonald's, but i'll get fired first for stealing about a bathtub of frozen-coke everyday.
- that's probably true.
- kill me now.
- can't. need you to tutor me for evidence.
- user.
- geeks should be kept on leashes and told to tutor for their bread. now dance for me.
- thou art truly magnificent.
- thanks. coffee break?
- yes please.

hi creativity.
my name's Q.
i know i've kinda been dogging you lately,
doing tha whole 'not writing cause i'm too busy'
but, like, uhm, could do with a sprinkle of the ol' magic.
whattdya say?
wanna relive the glory days a bit?
i'll buy you dinner and let you grope me in the parking lot?

dear readers: blame creativity if this post sucks.

i am.

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Anonymous said...

I believe in you and your creativity. Ever since I discovered your blog a few months ago I have read it incessantly, soaking in the diction, newness of thought and general creativity. Thank you, kind stranger, for sharing your thoughts which in turn help me laugh a little and sort out a few of my own thoughts. Onward ho!