Sunday, August 22, 2010


9 by fatale femmes

'i'll tell you what, if i organize it, then we can have it out'
'i don't have it out. _why do you have to do this anyway?'

'i'll miss you guys soo much'. he cries.
the boy to his side cries.
the girl to his other side smiles
and gives me an over-the-pants handjob under the blanket.

'write a list. i like lists'
'jiggly parts on my girlfriend's body'
'only if you tell them your face is a squishy as your butt'

'will you come?'
'i don't know.'
'do you have a reason?'
'to come or not to come?'
' ___yes. but it's not made of words'
'to come or not to come?'

'you won't be there either then?'
[_ :( _]
'why does it matter?'
'it's such a sad thing to go to awards ceremonies alone.'
'if you win.'
'it's soo sad to be alone when you hear news that you're not going to awards ceremonies.'

'want tea?'
'what type?'
' ... '
'oh yeah.'

'i just want to be that good at something. to not be expendable.'
'you will.'
'what makes you say that?'
'i'm an optimist.'
'that has nothing to do with me'
'does it need to?'

'meet me somewhere.'
'hawaii you say?'
'no money.'


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