Monday, September 6, 2010


untitled, o superman

- it's cause i have a fat ass, nothing ever fits
- not fat. muscular.
- fine. but nothing fits.
- i can take this out. it will make better, but not perfect.
- how much can you take out?
- inch.
- how much would be the ideal amount?
- inch plus half.
- so we're still 1/3 out?
- [nod]
- but it's nice, and such a good price.
- yes, good suit. good price. but, [he touches my shoulders and pulls down the jacket a little] too muscular, if grow little bit, no longer fit.
- if get fatter?
- [he smiles] muscular, not fat.
- [i think]
- stop thinking. i not allow you buy. take off. not for you.
- but it's such a good price!
- yes, but, life is life. good suit. good price. good physique. but not for each other. take off.
- thankyou, you are very honest.
- [nods and smiles]

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