Sunday, October 3, 2010

penny sparkle by Blonde Redhead

the tracks are out of order
so i listen from last to first
and consequently feel upside down,
walking backwards up a hill,

i read a few reviews, they
tell me the band's ruined,
all promises are spent .
couple pennies maybe left
for a jukebox tune, but who we were
mumbles the lead singer as she
walks home to type out a resume (
carrying a guitar case with her)

someone asks her if she's scared
she smiles, at 2am cowboy -
or if she feels like she failed
staring at her boots she says finally
you still listening to me?

i have a soft-spot for the unappreciated.
in other words you see ghosts? she asks, standing:
she stares at me over her shoulder making tea,

doing nothing much at 3 in the morning,
i drink the last sip, and wait for some something

she's singing, nothing in particular.

i take a few moments to acquaint myself with
this moment, doesn't see to be going anywhere.

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