Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Europe, it's time we had a chat...

glam canyon

it occurs to me, i'm going to be in europe for some months. soon. this is exciting, i've been wanting an opportunity to live in europe for ages.

most responsible people would start to prepare for their european adventures by saving. this is important because the Hague (den Haag if you want to be culturally snobby) is a notoriously expensive place to live. accommodation is expensive, food is expensive, life is expensive. ___i decided it made more sense to begin preparing for europe by purchasing a kick-ass psuedo-briefcase from a little known leather maker because it was awesome and if there's one thing i need more of in my life it's exactly that: awesome. (i'm not going to say anymore about the briefcase because i don't want to steal too much more of Ash's thunder - but if you need to appropriate someone's style, it really out to be Ashley's). (i will say:



(1) not riding bikes, g'dammit i hate bikes

(2) feeling short

(3) growing one of those amazing uber-kool beards but with an even more kool Hezbollah twist cause i've got those middle east genes that make everything look totally war-on-terror

(4) meeting strange new people and raiding their itunes for strange new music made by people i've never heard of while arguing about John Locke over coffee and thrift-store shopping that turns into impromptu flower picking kissing showering before falling asleep in a different city that's only 20 minutes away by train

(5) rolling my pants up even higher

(6) refashioning myself into a newer betterer q

(7) sitting alone in a darkened room listening to contemplative music and drinking tea to celebrate my birthday

(8) kissing every girl with a beautiful accent. not really. GF would kill me. so: thinking about kissing every girl with a beautiful accent

(9) dancing around in my underwear in my little overpriced living space listening to Beirut on my headphones fantasizing about never going back (ever) (ever) (ever) (EVER)

(10) writing

(11) buying more cool stuff than i can afford (i'm looking at you Filippa K)

(12) getting depressed for reasons i don't understand but i manage it everywhere i go so i've stopped demanding reasons

(13) hopefully ending up naked in natural salt water boiling baths in towns i can't spell or pronounce the names of with people i met the day before when i caught the wrong bus and got lost

(14) frequently straddling the : i'm disappointed in you vs i'm liberating myself divide

(15) walking in snow and listening to the crunch it makes underfoot ; delighting with each step the way you do when you crush autumn leaves

(16) probably none of the above because i'll be working 17 hours a day to put genocidists behind bars and that's kinda important to me. and by 'kinda' i mean it's worth it to me enough to work 17 hours a day for

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Selah said...

Welcome to Europe :) I hope you enjoy your stay here. I would love to go to America one day.