Saturday, July 9, 2011


the Hague, Holland

it is probably abundantly clear by now that i don't do too well with protracted bouts of bad news. nevertheless, i haven't had any good news for a few months now so i'm going to go ahead and be hyper-psyched about the tentative offer i just got for an internship with the Office of the Prosecutor at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon at the Hague!! (insert "freaking psyched!!!!" right here). i shouldn't be too thrilled yet and i probably shouldn't be telling anyone either (so don't tell anyone) because it is subject to a bunch of security clearances and blah blah i didn't read that far into the email i kinda just scanned it looking for the word 'unfortunately' (which i didn't find) and then re-scanned only to find the word 'pleased' and i thought no.freaking.way. what was i saying? oh yeah, so, as far as i'm aware there are no outstanding INTERPOL warrants for my arrest in connection to war crimes or crimes against humanity in any jurisdiction and i haven't been involved in any underground activity constituting sedition or treason so... should be alright. and my facebook profile is pretty clean too.

how much work i might (tentatively) get to do is a bit worrisome because Hezbollah kinda told the Tribunal to go screw itself the other day when the indictments were released. if they don't hand the accused over the trials will be in absentia <-- which is epic uncool. i was kinda hoping for the spectacle of the Saddam/Milosovic trials were the accused called the judges dogs and threw their shoes at them. (a friend of mine is at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and they're getting a bit of fiestiness out of Mladic).

ok i promised i wouldn't tell anyone but then i was about to burst and i don't want to actually tell anyone and so then i got confused and i'm tired and my dad didn't respond to the text i sent him and so wha evs i'm telling you. there. i feel better now. (and now i can be less whiny on the blog for a lil while. unless if i'm not accepted, in which case brace yourselves for hell_on_earth_moping).

peace outtie
(tentatively) happy pennyfortheoldguy


Shea Goff said...

:)no tentativeness here.

mar said...

Soooo proud and happy for you!!!