Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the rock of 2011

i suppose it's expected that i write about 2011. a review or something. but i can't. not that i don't want to, i have lots i'd like to explore about it. but i actually can't. there's no way to do it and not write about _her. __i can't do it without her, she's too much of everything of it.

the problem is i can't seem to write about anything else either. it's a bit of a standstill. a mexican standoff. a rock standing between me and myself.

but tonight's not the night to try and fight it. i'm too tired. too old tonight. maybe tomorrow i'll be younger, and i can tackle it then. maybe tomorrow i'll be braver and braver.

tonight no.


Capone: said...


mar said...

I'm confused. is this seriously a post full of man-purses?

a penny for the old guy said...

oh crap. i was going to write something about these crazy 4 days where i kept travelling. for some reason i took a pic everytime i was sitting in a boarding lounge. <-- hence the man purse pics (to adopt Mar's always appropriate phraseology). actually there's a couple more but i couldn't be bothered resizing them to fit. anyway, instead of writing what i came to write, i had a little soppy whine and went away again. can't be bothered changing the pics. so. that's the story with that. speaking of how much i love you two: i love you two.

lots and lots and also lots and lots and also also lots and lots and lots more too.