Sunday, May 20, 2012

4_FILM by Aram Bedrossian

__Last night, I say, the mother of this morning.



- i should call mom.
- uh oh. you want to call mom things must suck
- you're fat. go to the gym.
- you're too thin. go to the gym.
- the lighting at this gym sucks. go home and turn a lamp on and hide under your covers.
- don't do pill-free-weekends anymore. this ish cray.
- your eyes are beautiful.
- this is the second time i've tried to make this city work, it doesn't i hate everything about it i hate everything about my life it's all terrible. (mom: don't be so melodramatic) (q: fine.) (mom: there must be something about your life you don't hate?...
- ...these boxer shorts kick butt (mom: there you go. babysteps)
- it's annoying that your name is Barbara. do you know how hard it is to google/youtube 'barbara'? (but worth it:
Tu ne te souviendras pas, barbara
- companionship. what's that mean?
- run. Run. run Orestes, rrruun!.


- stuff i can find, barbara
- domestic scene, radio department
- dream, john cage
- i'm a fool to want you, billie holiday
- election night, bic runga
- (D: i like lost-questionmark better than lost-exclamationmark. Q: wtf are you talking about? D: there's two versions, you know how the album is lost! Q: no i did not know that. D: ok, well the album version is lost!, but there's another version, lost? Q: ninja you trippin i'm looking that up:
lost?, coldplay


n o c t u r n e

sshh little boy, sshh
tomorrow is not so scary
that you avoid it like this for hours :
close your eyes ,
stop clenching wrinkles into the night ,
__what you need isn't here anymore than there,
there's no point forcing

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Anonymous said...

that nocturne is pretty wow.