Tuesday, May 8, 2012

little things i li(ov)ke about my current life, a LIST:

(1) when you need to go diagonally across a pedestrian crossing so whichever light goes green first you win

(2) getting shirts ironed and pressed. then, every morning you feel like don draper

(3) zoning out on the treadmill. when snap back 10-20-30 minutes have gone and you're human again. i've decided it's akin to meditation. i meditate through my whole body.

(4) pocket. squares. kick. butt.

(5) $1 coffee on my way to work from 7/11. it's the quickest, cheapest way to placate a not-that-serious addiction.

(6) handstands in the living room. well. not well-executed handstands. there's no real standing. handfalling in the living room. on your head.

(7) conversations with my mama.

(8) taking a lunchtime walk to remember what air is and break up the day spent indoors

(9) having something(s) to look forward to.

(10) breakfast. avocado on sourdough with a skinny latte. approx 3 times weekly. at this corner place 2 mins from central station. sometimes with friends, othertimes with the financial review.

(11) connecting with music on the third listen. (welcome to the rotation Atlas Moth)

(12) San Pellgrino as a side-drink to my breakfast cereal. i don't know why, but it works. #serial.

(13) a shelf full of dusty out-of-date legal textbook that are absolutely useless but were too beautiful for me to permit them to be thrown away and will henceforth serve as nothing more than bookcase candy.

(14) the out-of-this-world amazing collection of classical music that has found its way onto youtube which gives me days and days worth of fascinating, new, interesting, loved music

(15) not caring about answering my phone.

(16) discovering 2 seasons of Daria i didn't know existed and therefore have not been watched.

(17) insisting (girl)roomate touch my abs touch my abs they're aaaaamazing

(18) my bright orange pen


Anonymous said...

same here for me on 7,8,15, and 18.
10 is real cute!!!
& 16 happened to me, but not of Daria!! :)

Love your post!!

Capone: said...

San Pellgrino goes with anything/everyting.

also - did you know that susi is daria in real life, thus explaining your inexplicable love of her.

hurry home - gots some stuff to add to that list.