Tuesday, June 5, 2012

bonus points

never is still an always,
i do miss women whispering to me in french )more than anything),

at the end of time and space there is a field of daffodils and a cat named
Claudius who recites Hart Crane and claims to have given a high-five to Wagner,

what i know of creation is that it is not so much essential as non-negotiable,
_____an alternative not having (yet) been found to life - except perhaps love
____(bjork calls a two-way dream,

on either side of your head i put each arm
and you squealed

what surrounds every place better than skin or night or night or hope (of)/(in)/(because)
What am I i got tired of asking of myself and the tree i consulted was too patient for me, i cannot hold my breath as long as geology waiting for something to happen
(and yet somewhere a mountain is growing i'm sure of it and an ocean is giggling to itself as it tiptoes away from Malibu).

what i want to say more than anything is that it's beyond words to do , :.
all things being equal i have done no more than try to be a man or a human or both and words have failed me the way i have failed them.

i hate riddles.

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Mary said...

"words have failed me the way i have failed them."