Thursday, July 26, 2012

now. things. concerns:::


(trying) (to) buy/ing house
organising a BESS-type class
save money
riding trains
working up stamina to shave every morning
leaving house
stop youtubing new XX tune 48 times before lunch
(losing count after)
reading renovation books
glued to property listings
phonecalls in every crack of the day
emails in every crumb of 5 minutes left over
take lunch to work for the first time since grade 12. (not true. i actually just leave a loaf of bread and peanut butter at the fridge at work).
categorically refuse to take lunch daily to work <-- taking lunch to school in highschool was a traumatic experience for me
no pills
no pills
no pills
for approx troi weeks now
new doctor likes to 'talk'.
pennyoldguy does not like to 'talk'.
therefore lots of talk about 'talking'. (i refer to as the jurisdictional issue)
then sometimes sneaky bastard catches me off guard and i talk (i refer to as the substantive issues).
(trying) not (to) hate my Viennese-witchdoctor <-- allusion to Nabokov because i'm still high-brow like that
floors must be wood painted white or wood painted grey or almost grey anyway scandinavian pale something wood or cement every cement.

late for being early to work because i need to because mayhem bedlam pandemonium going on right now in planet-quniverse.

no posts.
little writing.
creativity kicked in the guts.

the smoochful love you all end.

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Anonymous said...

... and then I cleverly get the "sneaky bastard" do the talking ("I refer to as the" Procedural "issue")... haha