Monday, December 3, 2012


two eyes i wish i'd lost are all i've got
blinking at a white screen.

i can't tell if i'm underwater or not ,
this worries me i choose not to inhale.

soon another year will be done.
i'll sit at a table somewhere and count
the hairs sperm and sunday afternoons i've lost,

compare them to the gains ,
and decide my worth.

but for now
the same two eyes,
the same white screen.

the same named days of the week.

next year i'll rename them: Marcy, Constantinople, Wednesbury,
Catharsis, Felicity, Scoundrel and Lucy.

then i'll pretend every moment of my life were
a pearled string of Lucy afternoons
i'd swim in.


remind me to delete this post later.


Anonymous said...

delete it :)

apennyfortheoldguy said...

oh no, i've grown kinda attached to it now...

Anonymous said...