Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Dear alleverythingverymassivelargeGod
Forgive me if i have fallen down even where there was no step to trip on, like on sunny tuesdays. Forgive me for being scared of tomorrow/s, and for having intense allergy attacks everytime i see a cat because i know i shouldn't play with them but i can't help it because i'm weak. Forgive me for not loving J and making her sad, and even more for not being able to forget her and even even more for being angry at myself for feeling lonely even though i know it's normal because i'm disappointed i'm not a robot. You are alleverythingful so You don't need my reasons. You know me.

Help me shake tomorrow's hand, and unloose my tongue to respond to my friends, who i miss. i don't know the words for the things i feel, so i cannot describe anything. You know all. So, everything that needs to be said, You know. So, just...