Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nocturne (fragments)

perhaps my body is asleep.
perhaps i am my soul,
i cannot sleep because soul has no need for it.

if i wanted to see you, i would.
if you wanted to, you'd call me.

the rest of it is in the air.
latent potential only our lungs know.


illuminated numbers
a red dot
endless black shapes,
a blind man's collage:
__(thoughts projected on worn inside eyelids)

a blind newborn cannot distinguish dream from dream-
has escaped time


i speak gibberish.
there are no words.
glass cuts planes and i cannot tell
an inch from a mountainside.
perspective being lost
feathers float upwards.

these words do not exist now.
nothing exists now


i lick my lips.
there are no kisses to be had.

i stand to get a bowel of cereal.

(having now failed as a patch of black)

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