Friday, December 5, 2008

5 images of contentment

Simplicity is the highest goal, achievable when you have overcome all difficulties


water fills the room, nikola tamindzic

the math and physics club
prepares you for just about any calculation
__(except not needing one.)

i feel soo far from you.all.everything
(a distance not measured in times or lengths)
(a slowly blurring dream, coming apart at the edges)
(slowly losing weight like a punctured tire
__or the elderly skin of a deflating balloon)

"i can turn right or left, makes no difference"

____(he smiles)
i feel soo free.

the air abuts my skin perfectly, a perfect join
(i can't tell one from the other)
and my internal movements flutter away
like aquatic bubbles,
and i can't speak, and would rather not anyway:
i am soo close to the moon, one quick move
and it'll spring away.

besides me a couple gropes for something to talk about.
opposite, a table full of too-attractive young girls scheming.
(a father and daughter walk past, the father gesturing wildly
with the hand not in hers) (they almost bump into a bevy
of tourists too interested in uninteresting things).
an odd family of alone-mother and children, all with a
characteristic swollen noise, sit and people watch, while drinking
identical slushies. they stare at me sitting
by myself. uncoupled. unfriended. unfamilied.
and i delight in my hour of wordless solace.

later later, right now think about this:

____(ah, so refreshing)

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