Sunday, January 25, 2009

ring the bell and run away; (a response to David); mikrokosmos; what my soul looks like

nothing's in focus and occasionally a bomb goes off in the lower right, pinkyhonor

____i. (introit)

she hears Bach being played
but can't decide from where. (and looks around to check again)
only that it's there. and wants to be heard.
__and makes even the sidewalk more beautiful.
she walks away, (knowing only that it exists

____ii. (alleverything)
kisses (first and last). the shape of jellyfish my father showed me in the aquarium when i was 9. the car accident i should have died in. falling: in . through . out of love (and the direction of all those arrows). (and falling asleep in your lap). (and crying myself to a i-hoped-an oblivion typing a novel so you'd remember i existed). (being ok with not existing).
___and Eman saying hi. and Monz saying i'm glad you got in and Martha saying it's ok baby and dreams of dead grandfathers, and hopes of white-bearded prophets sitting under sole trees patiently chewing on pomegranite seeds, waiting to see me as i return home. and hopefully, not being dissapointed.

____iii. (advertisement: lost and found)
too heavy to be lifted. indeterminate grasp of space, time, love, or gravity (but more-or-less compatible with said platforms). occasionally grows translucent, and slips through history when staring at the ocean. if laid on a bed of grass too long, seeps through and closes eyes trying to (re)grow roots. does not know nothing from nothing. drinks tea slowly, speaks only to hide and sits in silence when seeks. (and says what he seeks is (in) silence)

if yours, respond.

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