Monday, January 5, 2009


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Places I Have Found Whilst Trying to Find My Way (Elsewhere) (In General) (help), A LIST:

____1. the Third Ear, Haifa Israel, (the best video store on planet earth)

____2. Marilyn, Adelaide Australia (a brothel. i thought it was a club)

____3. From Dusk Till Dawn, Adelaide Australia (also a brothel. i thought it was a club)

____4. 29, Brisbane Australia (also also a brothel. i had no idea what it was)

____5. Venice Beach, Los Angeles USA (i don't know where i was trying to get to)

Things.Words.Phrases I Use Too Much, A LIST:

____1. totally

____2. dude

____3. seriously hey. (also: seriously) (also: hey)

____4. that's what she said

____5. yo

____6. fu*&

____7. this is what we do

____8. ay Khoaddayyih buzorg (oh great/large Lord)

____9. big boos

____10. also

____11. shoot me in the face

____12. whatever

A Couple of Inanimate Objects I Have Loved (Effusively), & What Came Of Them, A LIST:

____1. 6th Grade, my Phenoix Suns basketball cap with the purple visor and black with white stripes top. it was my 11th birthday present. was stolen off my head as i boarded the train at Brighton Station on my way home from school one friday. i cried and was miserable. it had cost my parents $40 (an exorbitant price for my family at that time). they bought me a second one. i wore it till the colors faded all to brown, and lined with the salt of my recess lunchtime runaround sweat, and blurred dyes all mixing with one another. my father still has it and sometimes even wears it to my great embarrassment.

____2. the red and black backpack i brought with me to Haifa, with the perfect padding so that your back doesn't get sweaty even if you're walking around Bangkok in 38 degree weather with physically impossible humidity levels. continued to use until the main zip broke. still continued to use. the second zip broke. also one of the supports so that i could only hang it from one shoulder. still continued to use. finally discarded it. in my office where i could still see it everyday. finally discarded it in a bin. as a token of mourning used only plastic bags for the better part of 28 months i remained in Haifa.

Places in the World I Would Prefer To Live (Over the Gold Coast), A LIST:

____1. Islamabad

____2. New York

____3. Bangkok (even with the brick throwing anarchy)

____4. L.A.

____5. Paris

____6. a refugee camp in Darfur

____7. Fallujah

____8. the dining room of a vegan restaurant

____9. London (even though after 12 hours in London I'm ready to shoot myself in the face from loneliness)

____10. Haifa (or Tel Aviv)

____11. an ill-constructed igloo on a sheet of arctic ice that due to global warming (ie impending apocalyptic doom) will soon break away and float me off into oblivion

____12. Kashmir, Kosovo, Jerusalem, other highly contested patches of earthless land

____13. a decrepit cold war apartment block building with no heating with 15 other squatters around an almost aflame tin can in St. Petersburg during perpetual December


Anonymous said...

to add to your list of places you'd rather be:

amongst the grains of beach-sand on the palms of an angels, being brushed into the wind after a dawn prayer, to be eaten by the sun and sky.... and returned to the world as glass.

Luis said...

you forgot "drop-kick".

speaking of lists, you might enjoy the latest episode of This American Life, called "Numbers", which has one act about a guy who's written down every single thing he did every day since he was 10 years old. another act features two artists who created the "most unwanted song", based on polls they did on what people hated the most in music. it's amazing.

have you ever been to Islamabad? i would also love to go.