Sunday, February 8, 2009


i sit and let the sounds of the day evaporate off me.
words and drum beats, laughs and giggles and those quieter moments,
hushed glances, and brand-new curious stares
(the dark of the room absorbs it all, barely flinches,
and keeps staring the other way, unconcerned with me).

and once the sound is drained out of me, (everything but my heartbeat)
i am just another shadow-covered object in a shadow-covered night,
with all its moving parts concealed.

and the sadnesses that possibly still live beneath the surface i leave to their dark pond-
an occasional bubble reaches the surface and only just audibly bursts
(and a star somewhere sneezes)

these moments grow soo quiet,
and i think how love is the only silence i like the sound of.

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