Wednesday, June 24, 2009


mom decided to clean out the garage. i came home to find some boxes in the corner of my room, dusting up the place. mostly they were full of CDs. books. things i didn't want or didn't know what to do with. So here i am throwing things out, deciding what CDs need to be uploaded onto my drive (and who can live without Bon Jovi's greatest hits?). oh jeez: i see a burnt CD in a clear case.

________♥ Jigglie

i knew this would turn up sooner or later. i leave it on the table awhile to decide if i'm going to throw it out straight away or if i want to remind myself what's on it. ... _... _... __... __...

there's a number of folders on the disc. i pick the most dangerous looking one: videos. i'm not sure i'm not sure i'm not sure. there's a file called piano. well. that seems innocuous enough. at very least i think i know what it is.

the person in this video is long gone. it's weird to look at a ghost. i know some of you will be quite transported when/if you watch this. it is a place that i think is special to many of us. Anjie i know loved to lie down under this piano. Martha had a plastic chair she'd place next to me (pretty much where the camera is). Luis was only recently walking around there. Gol tried her darnest to sneak me in to play this piano. it took three years before i got my hands on it.

there's two things i can say about the person in this video. (1) he really had no idea what was about to hit him. (2) he'd never been soo happy in all his life as this day, and... if i had to pick a day to have died, this would have been the day. the moment.
________(and i don't want to tell you why).

(i just wanted this saved somewhere in binary form. i'm gonna snap the disc in 12, 11, 10... 9 ..

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martha said...

my heart is broken next to the silence that is the empty ringing of that last note.