Friday, June 26, 2009

thoughts (fragments)

i won't wake you up.

___Oh My Stars, A Weather

untitled, unbendablemight

you look sensational! she says. i smile.
- so do you.
- sensational. sensational! it's amazing. you look sensational!
- so do you. [she doesn't really. i'm lying]


i'm listening to A Weather at 3am. looking at pictures on flickr. doing nothing. it's wonderful. what a wonderful moment. life is totally kick-ass.


remember when life was airports for breakfast and anxiety for brushing your teeth with?
my how far.


- no Q. no! dude, i've got you pegged.
- ?
- you need more serotonin. that's all.
- you know it's a blurry thick line between thinking patterns and neuro-physio-chemistry right?
- right. and how long has it been?
- ...
- right. that long. [i sip my coffee. at midnight. the heater is heating my back. i nod]
- you'd be a whole new man.
- [what a far-fetched dream]


dear morning: take it off. seriously. just roll back over. later, wake up and have a bagel. we're doing fine here.

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