Friday, June 19, 2009



Today is the day i bought those pants. The day it rained a little in the afternoon and i sat and waited it out. The day i had one cup of tea and no coffee. The day i wore a red sweater. A day between incredi(terri)ble. That day. Today is the day I carried a pen. The day I didn't lose my keys. The day i wore comfortable socks. spoke to a tall girl. the sun came, but left. Today, i'm still here. Today i looked at my watch. drove a car. talked about nothing. listened to nothing. ate lunch once. broke nothing. judged myself. heard music. felt (in)complete(ly). Today i kicked no rocks. thought very little. Hope is a thing i need to do less of, and today i did less of it. Today is one day i didn't shower in the morning. didn't shave. didn't notice myself in the mirror. Wore boots. walked in wet streets. had no one to call. called them. missed no one. missed them alot. Enjoyed: sun , rain , the ocean , sushi , electronica , the blue ink of my pen , pea-coats , silence in the car with my friend tapping beats with his feet , children dancing in coffee shops , being human. Today i did nothing. felt great about it. (also terrible). got confused. couldn't control. tried. won and lost. forgot which.
____Today i sat one seat away from the girl with the beautiful legs. watched a 13-year-old in a cowboy hat smoke. saw the streetlights come on. wished i was someone-(no one)else. couldn't make sense. loved a little a lot. Today i sought a relief i could not define. wanted to swim in autumn. high-fived. loved the colour red of my sweater. tried. carried a pen. Today i sought nothing. missed the mark. (and didn't mind where i ended up).
____Today i loved this song.

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