Tuesday, August 25, 2009


so right. yes. hello. right. uhm, hi. been a while. yes. long while. long while. sure i've missed you, sure i have (lie). i haven't. i really haven't. even now i have nothing to say. firstly, i had nothing to say because i was studying. for exams. that was intense. wow. yeah, lots of study. also some play. which meant i didn't sleep. no need for sleep. put those amphetamines to good use. but it's not enough, better washed down with energy drinks and a couple of caffeine pills. oh i must be kidding, i can't possibly be serious. (except i am). and then, 50 hours later, i finally get home (worried the whole time i'm going to crash the car and die because my leg won't stop shaking my knee keeps hitting the steering wheel. i stumble into the house and i eat a banana, thinking i ought eat something that doesn't have a stimulant as its main chemical constituent) and sit on my couch a moment and drink tea with 14 cookies each dipped in the tea first and then soft and soggy and warm and wonderful next thing i know it's morning. like i said. fun.

so clearly, i didn't have it in mind to writering about anything.

and then, now, where am i, oh yeah, free-refills and unlimited downloads it's great to be in LA but too warm i hate summer hate it hate it hate it, and all i want to do is for no one to talk to me so i can sleep and read. sleep and read sleep and read maybe a pinkberry with Ashley and a coffee with Monz and then sleep and read and sleep and read and instead: no. drama drama drama all other people's who love it love it love it and then whinge and whine about how terrible it all is bullshit you love it soo much you can't go twelve days with concocting some for yourself i say and they all give me dirty looks and whinge and whine some more about how unfair it all is bullshit i say then try and turn to walk away to read my book in my bed wearing my dark-red calvin klein boxers which are wonderful to sleep in and look great because i am finally junkie-thin and after a 3-day comedown eating food like a recently-no-longer-homeless person would and i think i might fatten up a little for three weeks so when i get back to school and amphetamine land i will just lose it again anyway.

oh god, it is too warm here i have less than nothing to say but now that i'm writing i can remember a story or two i suppose i should come back and writer them up next chance i have get want make create concoct.



Sholeh said...

we missed each other in LA by about a week. :-P hope you recover!

a penny for the old guy said...


recovery complete.

life A O K.