Wednesday, December 9, 2009


will check back in to the world post-exams. until then, unless you know where my home is, you're unlikely to see/hear from me. (and if u knock i'm unlikely to open). unless if you have a sixpack of RedBull. if you wanna get in you must bring goodies. for me to know you have a sixpack of RedBull you'd have to ring/knock - which i won't hear on account of the loud German techno. you could call me, but my phone's on silent under one of these mounds of paper-textbook-notes-mindmaps-suicideletters-doodles. maybe just wait until i take a study break. i take roughly one of those between 10pm-midnight. this divides my day study session 10am-10pm from my evening sessions midnight-4-6am (depending on where between 4 and 6 i collapse). during my study break i watch Boston Legal. i eat 2minute noodles, my comfort food, and tuna, because protein is healthy for you. when you visit we will sit quietly and watch 1.5 episodes of Boston Legal. we will drink roughly two redbulls together (each), and then i will give you a massive hug (because those are as necessary as high-dose chemical-stimulants) and then i will wish you well.

and then return to studying.

post-december-18, my soul may return into the confines of my body, at which point i will start writing again. (actually, i'm going to have a nasty come-down for a week, so maybe more like december 25, Christmas, i'll start being human again)

until then,
hope everyone's well and happy, hope your souls are adequately associated with your bodies, and if you forgot redbull, you will be welcome if you have blueberry muffins, donuts, frozen cokes, chemical-stimulants of some nature, fish&chips, something that resembles my mother's cooking. also, if you're expecting a booty-call, forget it. maybe post-christmas i can have my sexdrive back too.

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