Wednesday, May 12, 2010

things we want to hear & (hopefully) believe; a listpoem

i have saved these things for you: this dream, this spot next to me in this empty photo, this infinity

___it will be ok, it will be ok, it will be ok, it will be, it will be, it will be, it will be,

of course i remember you, how are you?

___one left, just in your size, you're in luck!

it's not that i love you, it's a kind of love that knows only you, only you, only you, only

___(how strange the sound)

you deserve another chance, no problem, take all the time you need,

___ssshhh, baby, sleep now, sleep

when you say my name, i am a new person, your person

___see the shooting star? ___happy birthday!

YES. Yes. ___of course. ___sure. ___yeah. ___YES. why not

___and!, it's actually good for you.

that's a great on you

___in my dream we kissed, held hands which grew into one another like ivy, our hair merged, our bodies froze in a hug like a tree, it was the most perfect stillness


thankyou for ... application ... competition was fierce this ... pleased to offer you a position ...

___have been successful

i saved you the last one

___i'm not going without you

a unidentified masked crusader in a latex outfit managed to save the day: superheros exist

___want anything on my way home?

the Dow Jones has successfully recovered

___it won't leave a scar

i don't want to be your friend, i want to get naked and touch you inappropriately

___unfortunately we've made a mistake in the seating today; i guess we'll just have to upgrade you

Honor's Roll, ___Dean's List, ___First-Class, ___cum lada,

___i'm proud of you

anything you say babs.

i'll remember this moment forever. when i die, i'll get trapped in this single minute, and live it and live it and live it until i've memorized every breath word blade of grass reflection of sunlight for all eternity i'll stay right here and become the god of this minute

___nobody else. i promise.

is that your normal size?, seems a bit large i'll get a smaller one

___dance with me!


___i'll call you right back.

i've known this man my whole life, and i'm standing right here besides him.

___you're right dear.

it's raining! it's snowing! it's summer! it's spring! it's soo clear! it's soo beautiful here.

___it was worth it, it really was.

if you failed at being human, it's only because you're not. you're a soul having a human experience, a moment that in the timelessness of your reality is a flicker of discomfort until you return to the weightless dreamscape that is your real home,

___welcome home.

h o m e .



Ghetto Blaster said...

good man... i may have to try this exercise.

capone said...

a. it always leaves a scar (but that's not a bad thing)
b. ditto ash.
c. strange the sound...