Sunday, June 6, 2010

thoughts (fragments)

you can't be human and magic at the same time sweetheart

untitled, emdicvictor

she says why not write something nice then? and she thinks a second and continues like when you put my socks on for me because i was drunk, that was the nicest thing ever. and seeing that perhaps it hadn't left as big an impression as she'd hoped, she adds ___ever. again at the end. and he sits and chews it over in his head. reminding himself to remember it forever because it is nice to remember things that your friends will remember forever.
______or the time you got stuck in your pajama pants and got mad and decided to sleep with your leg half out of the pee hole and i straightened you up remember that?, write about that maybe? yah. maybe. those are things i could write about.


maybe i could be a portraitist. sit on a bench by the mall with a sign out 'portraits' it would say. hey, where's your drawing stuff? someone would ask, i'd show him a pad of paper and a pen. and i'd start writing:

___your eyes finish the teases of the moon,
___bathed in milk-blue, slipping between night and day
___lost in space, discovered in time
___a phantom's phantom

what the hell are you talking about? he says and storms off.

___and your dreams are magnet letters scattered on refrigerator doors
___spelling 'discography' at noon and 'eulogy' at 5
___and when the kids come home
___you remember dreams are things you had back when you had time,
___and back when your dreams were things you sought dominion over

these empty pockets are too heavy a price to pay for this career choice.


my eyes sting.
i have been tired since 2007.
maybe i should shower.


so i call my mother that's what you do when you're me and it's been long enough and in the end there's no one anyone would rather speak to anyway than their mom, well. that's what happens with you conquerors she says, you work like madmen, win a couple of awards and then think f&ck, what was the point of that? then she thinks, and adds then you go find a new challenge to defeat. stay calm kiddo, you'll bounce back.

meanwhile i've just been accepted onto the Jessup team, i suppose i have a town to raze. pull it together Q, you're gonna need your fire.

and just in case you need a little law-school flavored giggle: this one's on me.


mar said...

wozers! Dus that's so effing awesome about the Jessup thing. I heart you a million times over. who knew this would have been your forte??

fake said...

i love this photo:)