Friday, June 4, 2010


poems are language for sad people. __if not sad at least quiet
i write best when i'm sad. (best and most.
________also when i'm in love.
________or out,
out of love, or
have run out of home and don't know what a post box is anymore
and when i show my id and people say is this address still current, i kinda smirk.
this isn't a poem by the way. it's writing with random spaces throughout to be artsy-cool (but also to reflect particular nuances in my speech and thinking pattern).
or sumthin.


i seem to have outrun the pills.
beat the meds.
grown beyond the chemicals.
you can all laugh and cheer now, i'm myself.
3 deads out of every 5 days.
slept 14 hours and was disappointed when i opened my eyes.
yup, i'm back to normal;

god i hate it when that happens.


Blessed Rain said...


sheri... said...

fun. fun was all blessed rain could say?
i just happened along, cruising through my 'next blog' button and i've found you...a student? you seems to be bleeding to death yet you'll appear normal to all of us when we gaze at you. are in in pain or just doing whatever it takes to get through?