Wednesday, July 28, 2010

don't read this it's absolutely useless and hasn't a single noteable thing to say :: kill this<-- writer

dear blog, i see that we're only friends after 2am. that's really the only time we both with each other. i know about that. it's like the person who's your friend once a day during the train commute home. or, the dude who works next door and who you have a smoko with every afternoon at 3 till 3:15pm. the chick who texts you on Sunday mornings between 1 and 3 'hey gorgeous you still out ;)' aka booty-call. dear blog: are we bootycalls?


I'll Try Anything Once by Julian Casablancas
Tin Man by Future Islands
... And the World Laughs With You (feat Thom Yorke) by Flying Lotus



buy glasses i don't need with money i don't have.
i have no regrets about this.
tortoise-shell kinda round Ray Bans are a human right. <-- note that ish.


the correct answer to the dilemma you're trying to solve is:

(d) the mouse ran up the chimney pipe.

the correct answer to the dilemma you're trying to solve is:

(d) no answer is correct when the question is incorrect.

the correct answer to the dilemma you're trying to solve is:

(d) the appropriate time to sleep is 3am.

(d) it is not normal to listen to songs on repeat over and over and over again - you are not normal.


i have a found to be unafraid of the future. i'm not sure what it is, but i'm unafraid of the future. i'm pretty sure it's because i have no faith left in life that things will be ok. let me rephrase: i'm half certain things will sooner or later not be ok. the good news is: after things have been not-ok about a dozen times you kinda stop worrying about things being not-ok and you go on getting awesome haircuts and kicking ass at scrabble on words with friends. [PS i'm phatmasterq, hit me up (i'm looking at you Gol and Anjie)].

speaking of which: is it wrong that the only thing i wanna do right now is epically abuse my ADDS meds and lie on the floor staring at the ceiling listening to Animal Collective's remix of Panthu Du Prince's Welt Am Draht? __it's probably bad huh?


after which i'm going to grow older and have a squishy face because even already the skin on my face is loose and baggy i look like a wrinkled dog and my body will start to make odd noises and hum and creak when i u-turn and the left-signal won't work and bending over will hurt like mo-fo:: but then you get that benefit of old age that invincibility where you stop caring about anything because by then you've lived through poverty and peer pressure and your wife hating your guts and your kids being gay and what's worse you not even thinking there's anything wrong with that so that now that you're old you're like yah, i drive slow, eff off and complaining about "modern" music.


[in referring to this]

- i don't understand.
- what don't you understand?
- i don't understand why you're not excited.
- it... uhm..
- no. wait. let me rephrase. what i mean is: i don't understand how you're not soo excited you want to immediately freeze yourself until the very hour the movie opens because you can't bare to be alive and not see it.
- that's a bit extreme.
- thass how i roll.
- what's soo great about it?
- apart from Sofia Coppola is my future wife?
- yes. apart from that.
- it's going to be the best thing i watch this year.
- how do you know?
- you're being negative-nancy. i don't like negative-nancy. you know what you are? i'll tell you. you're half vampire, half giant: VAGIANT.
- ...
- ...



(1) because neither does its author
(2) adult onset ADD
(3) insomnia
(4) having an unquenchable urge to be elsewhere doing somethingsomethingsomething

_________...ooh it's my move in scrabble


jared said...

You my friend, are by far the most interesting person I've come across in a long time.

LuLu said...

i really like ur blog i don't know wat to say about it but i like the way you wrote is really interesting

LuLu said...
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Pantsonfire said...

you had me at animal collective

john said...

flying lotus <3