Saturday, November 6, 2010

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this is a picture by hollis thornton brown. he's awesome. if anyone knows him in reality land, please tell him a pennyfortheoldguy loves him and wants to give him money one day when he himself has money. kthanksbye.

monsters by hollis thornton brown

yes, thankyou, i know i know, it's great to be back and i wanna thank each and every one of you for braving the weather and the traffic and taking your ADD meds and making it out here so we could be together to celebrate this momentous event in typical internets style.

of course, you can understand i'm a little bit rusty. silence takes it outta you you know. so. just to stretch my literary legs let's start with a list. i think that's the right way to go about things. back up ladies and gentlemen it's about to get seriously up in diss...


- chess grandmasters
- the Justices of the High Court of Australia
- spiders (freaking creepy)
- Bertrand Russel
- child geniuses, people who get perfect 1600s on the SATs, that kinda thing


- Everyday Balloons, A Weather
- Klavierworke EP, James Blake
- I'm in a polaroid - where are you?, CALLmeKAT (thanks ashtree!!)
- oOoOO EP, oOoOO
- Songs from Before, Max Richter


it's ok for it to be today because today i'm not doing anything because i'm enjoying a massive dexamphetamine comedown which means i'm supplementing my newfound long stubble-->beard with two cans of redbull (enough umph) to give me the energy to go to the shops and buy muffins and grilled salmon (already grilled, as in fish&chips grilled) and yogurt and come back home (dear god that was exhausting) before collapsing on the couch to nomnom my foodfood and listen to Everyday Balloons by A Weather (a band which i lovelovelove) and think about all the tomorrows that might be as good as today while i hear the children next door yelping and screaming as they jump in their pool and i can hear the sunshine smiling and i can hear old men and women who still love each other smiling with pride at the fact that they do and giving each other old people smoochies and thinking hee hee hee, my bitch is fiiiiine to one another <-- want one. later my geek friends are coming over for geek-fest-2010, also known as: law nerds playing taboo which is really annoying because we all have vastly different fields of knowledge so no one ever gets anything and it ends up just shouting CLAUDE FREAKING DEBUSSY HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT? EFF YOU DICKWAD YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE MAURITANIA IS! EXCUSE ME YOU DON'T KNOW WHO THE CURRENT CABINET MINISTER FOR TRANSPORT IS GO DIE. if that doesn't sound fun to you we're not BFFs. sorry. we can still be like random facebook friends or whatever.


i don't necessarily love this song but this filmclip is heaven in a tub of icecream. i'm seriously. it's more creative than you think you are i promise (click here for a vanilla flavoured surprise)


i'm looking at pictures of the biggest douchebags on earth on facebook and thinking how lucky i am to have severed all ties with those people about three semesters ago. i feel like i made some awesome sell on the social-share-market. sellsellsell these people are gonna suck in about 2 academic quarters!! sell dammit!

yah. i tots used to be friends with them. but now i hang with professors HLA Hart and Goodhart and Julius Stone who spent soo much time bagging the high court they eventually had to start citing him in their judgements. ps if anyone can get me into Yale hit me back ok? i want a tshirt and i wanna live somewhere quiet for a while. i think new haven will work out nicely. if it matters, i do actually wear bow ties all the time, so that should satisfy the admissions board. not sure if they look at anything else, but the bow tie component is definitely taken care of.


dear GF thanks for editing my tax-law paper. it was super helpful hints. i didn't realize i abused the comma soo much. but i decided to keep "a carbon tax is far simpler. it doesn't come with surround sound". i want her to read that be all like ghasp! well i ne-ever. i'm actually tempted to draw a little :) on the page next to that so she knows i'm going in for the kill.


is this too much apennyfortheoldguy all at once of a sudden? ok ok ok. fine. i'll go enjoy my come-down elsewhere if you think you're too kool for me.

peace out.



Ghetto Blaster said...

more posts, less spiders.

word verification below: "damet"

more post, less spiders, DAMET!

Anonymous said...

please never stop writing on here, i'm reading this from rainy liverpool , england and want you to know i actually adore your writing, as in every word. So please don't stop.