Sunday, November 7, 2010


vessel - time by anna☆morosini

falling asleep midafternoon he awoke to almost-nightness

___and now dreams out of sync, so he hopes what the old man hopes and

forgets to want what the young man wants,

___perhaps he is hungry, or at very least his skin is hungry

and skin eats only hugs and sex

___his neck contorted on his couch he opens one eye and calls his lover Polyphemus to his side

you forget you are in an empty room. you spend soo much time in empty rooms. you forget.

___how do you know when you love someone? she asks, and he shakes his head i never knew.

and this sickness is a question for tomorrow. tomorrow i will take less pills and jog and sit out in the sun so that i am not pale.

___(and stare at the long brown legs of young girls and their painted toe-nails and the white tan mark around their neck from where their swimsuit fastens and

youth is a miracle you carry only soo long

___i am concerned with being male. with being a new age i do not understand yet.

about being places i cannot describe and being a man i do not know in those places.

___and when he wakes his stomach is hungry, perhaps, it is a feeling he cannot describe, only

that he hates the lamp that beams on him and warms his cheek.

___i used to write you know. once upon a history. i would write and genuinely thought one day

someone might actually care to read it. i thought it was a part of my life.

___she wants to know if i'm sadder than i used to be.

maybe. maybe it's like when coldness gets down to your bones so you're always cold, so cold even sitting in front of a fire you're cold. soo cold you forget you are cold because it is just who you are now.

___maybe who i am.

soo much time in empty rooms you forget. you wake to one you sleep to one.

___(and he waits for Polyphemus, the one-eyed cyclops to come and whisper him his story

and tomorrow is too late.

___no point to it now.

no point at all.

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