Wednesday, November 30, 2011

play list

+ NY is killing me - Gil Scott-Heron (Jamie XX mix)

+ Marvin's room - Drake
__i dislike most of what he's saying, but he's spot on in catching the vibe

+ Carry me away - Chris Lake feat Emma Hewitt (original club mix)

+ Jimmy - Moriarty
__music vid is pretty neato

+ Titanium - David Guetta feat Sia
__can't help it.


Capone: said...

look up (in order to become a better person):

the raveonettes
the naked and famous
white sea
high highs
tegan and sara

Anonymous said...

I highly suggest:
- foals
- snakadaktal
- the drive soundtrack
- promises by nero
- this: as well as anything by the guy
- and this:

also. this site gets awesome indie artists to come in and record in their studio, most are largely unknown but there's stuff by bon iver, antlers, mgmt, cocorosie, etc. and they have a plugin thingy which you can download from. it has made my year.

a penny for the old guy said...

hey thanks for this guys. i'm working through it, lots of good stuff.

keep recommendations coming. anytime, any place.