Friday, July 11, 2008

From the Archives (an Entropy Piece, Saturday April 14, 2007)

responsible advice for management of days starting this saturday

it’s a tedious process. 
first thing’s first:
confining yourself,
just one room is best.
avoid the daylight,
it’s simply a requirement.
make lists of words
each hour to forget.
it’s good to visualise:
imagine your fingers
shorter each day.
pretend you have
one less toe.
ignore your fingers
trembling; ignore
your fingers altogether.
forget colours first;
then shades, then hues.
aim for a complete
your heart can die
of uselessness or
overuse. pick one
and proceed.
ignore diets, stratagems,
theorems and philosophy.
forget dates.
annihilate names.
unattach your face muscles,
best to avoids frowns or smiles.
its alright to hear cars
out your window.
slow your movements.-
probably a permanent
pause is ideal.
limit your necessity
for air. achieve just
this and you win.
coax your heart
to slow by playing
melodies on the
slower and

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