Wednesday, January 28, 2009

prayer (notapoem)

little today: you who are small(est); crumbs of time:
everything that is about you amounts to (almost) nothing,
and in sometime later i won't (can't) distinguish you from a
million others just like you. (one daffodil in a field of daffodils)

____you are the pinkytoe of something else altogether,
____which sometimes has(n't) a name (life?),

and i can't determine if you should be special or not. (or if i should)
(or if there are these-moments that are soo brave as to patiently hold up their end (Atlas)
until Great things happen).____(and if so

____please dear Lord (who cunningly has self-folded Great Himself into soo tinny-tiny
____small small, almost-nothing little today: please little origami crane of soo Big(gest) Yourself:
____under wednesday evening and/or fallen pretzels, or taunting jeers,
____lies something dear(est) to me. i call it me, and am unknowing how to discover it,
____or (in a field of daffodils) plant it.

only that little today was a kissless day.
(and love is something you find in the rain)
after it all, despite the glasses and the references to Herodotus,
i only know one thing:
(and am trying to use it to find only (unknown) one thing:



Anonymous said...

yours is my favorite - and i say that not slightly or mildly...

a penny for the old guy said...

i don't know which of mine whats are your favorite- but i appreciate it. very not slightly or mildly. very seriously and heavily.