Sunday, February 1, 2009

Feb1, i_can't_take_eyes (love** [the missingest of dark skies]

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but first state your intent in least comprehensible terms; preferring concrete affirmations of self-directed nature to bilaterally intended communication which might bind two minds into the same space (even) tempormomentarily.

____1. it is soo lonely to be this lonely don't you agree pretty-eyed-girl?
____2. who could what an if so thoroughly why
____3. i have read your eyes, and i agree

later you can manipulate your initial approach out of memory and replace with idealized version of first-encounter to include details not experienced in the original (life) version

____1. shooting stars
____2. gucci dresses
____3. a sense of gravitational pull

and finally, depending on size(s) of insecurities to be obliviated by person 1's service(s) to person 2 (and vice versa), recommend sugar-coating silence with garrulous parroting of blah blah blahness to bathe every early early sunrise morning with the light of social amicability.

to be innocuous is to be everything. (and an insipid song on the radio blurs those uncomfortable silences you cannot tell lies in back into the corners of rooms) (and they quickly fall extra-super-completely silent as the sun reaches soon its horizon and blankets nightshadows back into morning lights not to be seen quite so thick and cuddly for a whole day now,

to be good at romance is to nothing at all but
i am a machine that has a purpose if i knew what it was i'd know myself as a toaster or a (toasted) endoscope.

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